Pinole's Rules/MOUs/Contracts


Personnel Rules
The City of Pinole’s Personnel Rules (adopted May 2009) serves as our guiding document, unless superseded by a provision in a Memorandum of Understanding.

Personnel Rules (PDF)

California Government Code - Title 1, Division 4, Chapter 10 - Local Public Employee Organizations
This Resolution updates and improves the City’s rules and regulations governing labor relations and supersedes all previous employer-employee resolutions. However, nothing contained herein shall be deemed to supersede the provisions of State law, City ordinances, Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs), resolutions and rules which establish and regulate the merit and civil service system, or which provide for other methods of administering employer-employee relations.

Employer-Employee Relations Resolution, Adopted 03/20/2007

Memorandums of Understanding

The City of Pinole has four (4) bargaining units.  Below you will find each Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and side letter(s), if applicable.