Pinole's Youth Anti-Tobacco Program

Youth Anti-Tobacco Program

Ambassador Flyer

The City of Pinole is committed to providing the most effective approaches to preventing the use of nicotine and e-cigarettes in

our schools and communities. We know that prevention of drug use is most effective when it is a partnership between the community,

the home, and the school.

Become a Youth Ambassador for the City of Pinole's Anti-Tobacco Youth Program! The Youth Anti-Tobacco program will be selecting THREE (3) middle school students and THREE (3) high school students who attend a school in Pinole. All applicants are welcome to participate in the education program in the Spring as a participant. Applicants must fill out the Volunteer Form and Supplementary Question Form, along with this letter signed by a parental guardian by Friday, September 22nd at 4 pm. You can scan and submit your application via email to the Coordinator Jaylan Campbell at: [email protected]

Apply here:

Program Ambassador Application