Pinole's Community Choice Energy

Community Choice Energy

In April 2018, MCE became the primary electricity provider in Pinole.

  • MCE Clean Energy is a not-for-profit community-based electricity provider that gives customers the choice of having 50% - 100% of their electricity supplied from clean, renewable sources. As of April of 2018, the City of Pinole has joined Contra Costa county and 12 other cities in Contra Costa by voting to join MCE and support California’s renewable energy movement. All Pinole residents and businesseshave automatically enrolled to MCE, as follows:
    • If you have not taken action: you have been automatically enrolled in MCE’s ‘Light Green’ power supply, which is made up of 50% renewable power.
    • Customers can also choose to ‘Opt-Up’: to MCE’s ‘Deep Green’ 100% renewable option or MCE’s ‘Local Sol’ 100% local solar option.
    • For customers who do not wish to change the source of the power they get from PG&E: customers will need to opt-out of MCE service manually.
  • CARE Program enrollees will also be automatically enrolled in MCE’s CARE Program; other incentives, discounts, and pilot programs are also available through MCE.

PG&E will continue sending your monthly bill, but your fees will be separated so that you can see individual charges - one for PG&E electric delivery and one for MCE electric generation, which replaces PG&E's generation charge.

MCE's generation rates will simply replace PG&E's generation rates; they are not an added fee.

PG&E will also continue to provide services and programs except for electricity generation, such as natural gas, power distribution, energy efficiency, and low income programs.

Learn more about MCE, Community Choice Energy, and what this change means to you at:

If you would prefer for your account to stay with PG&E, you must "opt out" here: