Pinole's City Manager

City Manager


  • Administrative Services 
  • 2131 Pear Street  Pinole, CA 94564  
  • Phone: (510) 724-9837 
  • Fax: (510) 724-9826 
  • Email:
  • Department Head's Name: Michelle Fitzer

The City of Pinole offers residents and those passing through with friendly neighborhoods, diverse businesses, economic and shopping opportunities, entertainment, and cultural experiences.  We are also in close proximity to the Bay Area.

In November 2015, it became my privilege to serve the residents and businesses of Pinole as City Manager.  As the former Assistant City Manager, I have an understanding of what Pinole is, its history, and the difficulties all cities, including Pinole have endured.   This historic perspective is the foundation of my goal to maintain a fiscally viable city government with effective basic municipal services.

Along with the leadership of the City Council, our dedicated staff and the commitment of citizens and business owners, I am hopeful that Pinole remains a community which you are proud to live and work in.   Through partnerships and commitment to make our community an even better place, we can restore additional services and amenities to the residents of the City of Pinole. The City maintains a rich history starting from those who forged the way from the earliest settlers back in the late 1900's and through those who guided the City to what and where it is today.

Over the past several years, the City Council embarked upon a strategic goal to maintain fiscal stability. Through the Council’s actions, the City has established a funding mechanism to address our growing pension obligations, paid/refunded bonds resulting in interest saving, paid off old debt, and established a healthy reserve so that the City can weather a future downturn in the economy.

Again, it is my privilege to serve as your City Manager.   I am grateful for the support of the City Council, and very thankful to have our extremely qualified and dedicated staff.

Please contact me if you have any suggestions, comments or complaints at or at the phone number below.

Michelle Fitzer
City Manager
(510) 724-9837


You may view the City Manager's Employment Agreement, including salary and benefit information by clicking the link below. Any subsequent amendments to the contract are also listed.