Pinole's Message on Traffic Safety

Message on Traffic Safety

Message on Traffic Safety
Posted on 07/26/2022
The City of Pinole is deeply saddened by the death of a community member who was struck by a vehicle on Tuesday afternoon in the crosswalk on Tennent Avenue at Pear Street.

Municipalities implement “the three Es” to achieve traffic safety – engineering, enforcement, and education. The intersection at which the accident occurred has appropriate engineering controls in place, a low speed limit, visible crosswalks, and mid-intersection signs alerting drivers to the crosswalk. The Pinole Police Department regularly patrols that section of roadway and conducts enforcement of vehicles and drivers that are not obeying the law. The City also educates drivers with signage on that corridor and other traffic safety communication.

Any traffic-related injury is one too many, and the death is a shocking and sad event. The driver of the vehicle is not believed to have been speeding, but rather was distracted.

The City will explore the feasibility of installing additional traffic safety measures in this area, including possibly a pedestrian-activated flashing sign on Tennent Avenue.

The City is in the midst of many traffic safety improvement projects. The City is in the process of finalizing a Local Road Safety Plan (LRSP), which will identify intersections and corridors of greatest concern. The City has coincidentally already started or completed traffic safety improvements on San Pablo Avenue at the Del Monte Drive and Walter Avenue intersections, Appian Way and Fitzgerald Drive, Pinole Valley Road and Rafaela Street, and Appian Way and Marlesta Road, and will develop plans to make improvements at other locations soon.

The City is also creating an Active Transportation Plan, which will provide recommendations for various ways to improve the safety and efficiency of all forms of transportation (vehicle, bike, pedestrian, and transit).

The City encourages all community members to be thoughtful and responsible in their actions in order to help maintain the safety of our community.