Pinole's Winter Preparedness

Winter Preparedness

Winter Storm Preparedness
Posted on 11/15/2023
The Bay Area is forecasted to receive a substantial amount of rain this Winter. The City of Pinole encourages all residents to get ready before the rains begin. Historical storm events have caused heavy rains and winds resulting in mudslides, downed trees, flooding, and property damage in and around the Bay Area. Preparing for rain now will help avoid problems later. 


Know Your Flood Risk
Evaluate your property. Where does rain pool? How does runoff drain, and to where? Visit the FEMA Floodplain Program webpage to get answers to these questions. Also get to know your neighborhood's drainage facilities. Flooding can be caused by drainage inlets, gutters, ditches, pipes, over-flowing creeks, or levee breaks.

Prepare For Your Needs
Visit to get your emergency supplies in order. Plan for food, water, medical, and personal comfort needs for each household resident. Plan an evacuation route in case of fast rising water.

Prepare Your Home and Property
Clean gutters. Clear leaves off of nearby storm drains. Make sure pipes and ditches on your property are not obstructed. If you live near a creek, take special precautions.

Find out more about Protecting Your Watershed and Private Creeks

Report Problems
If you see something that could become a flood hazard, or if you spot water rising on a street, a pipe leaking, or other storm-related issues, please notify the Public Works Department right away. Call (510) 724-9010 or (510) 724-8950 if after hours. 

If you see a person in the water, call 911. Don't try to rescue them yourself.

Please help yourself to free sandbags in preparation for the storm. Sand and sandbags have been fully stocked and are located at the public parking lot on Plum Street next to the Police Department. A shovel is provided, but we recommend you bring a shovel in case it is being used. 

Learn Flood Warning Levels
Knowing how to forecast flooding will help you prepare. Rainfall criteria can help warn us when flooding is more likely to occur. Learn about Flood Forecasting.