Pinole's Preventing Wildfire

Preventing Wildfire

Preventing Wildfire in and Around Pinole
Posted on 06/30/2023
The City of Pinole has prepared the community guide Preventing Wildfire on how to prepare for fire season in and around Pinole. The guide contains helpful resources and information provided by the City of Pinole, Contra Costa County, Contra Costa County Fire Protection District and County Sheriff. 

Fire season is approaching and the past several years of heavy annual vegetation growth will dry out this Summer creating an increased fire hazard. The City of Pinole is taking a number of steps to decrease wildfire risk.

Residents who live in a moderate-to-high fire hazard severity zone were sent information about vegetation maintenance requirements to reduce the danger of wildfire. All properties are required to cut weeds down to within 3 inches off the ground. Large properties (5 acres and above) need to have a minimum of thirty (30) feet of defensible space around structures and fire breaks of at least 20 feet wide every 5 acres throughout the property.

Public Works has begun fire fuel mitigation (cutting down tall grass areas that are a fire hazard) in City-owned properties. Please note that not all grass in an open space will be cut. Fire fuel mitigation is designed to address areas that are of highest risk. Fire trail maintenance will be completed by an outside contractor that has worked with the Pinole Fire Department in past years.

If you are concerned about vegetation on private property, you can report it to [email protected] or call (510)724-2633. If you have a question about City-owned property, contact [email protected] or (510)724-9010.