Pinole's Galbreth Road Evacuation Route

Galbreth Road Evacuation Route

Evacuation Route Completed on Galbreth Road
Posted on 05/26/2023
Last week, Public Works put the finishing touches on a newly activated evacuation route located at the end of Galbreth Road in Pinole Valley. What used to be an impassable trench for most vehicles is now a paved path that leads to an important connection for residents on Galbreth Road and Rancho Road. Beyond the newly installed gate (pictured above) is an evacuation route located on private property which connects the two neighborhoods. Con Fire worked with property owners on an agreement that enables usage of the passage as an evacuation route in the event of an emergency. If an emergency occurs, such as a wildfire, the new gate on Galbreth Road will be unlocked and opened by emergency personnel allowing residents to drive through to safety on the other side.