Pinole's Climate Action and Adaptation Plan

Climate Action and Adaptation Plan

Survey Results Are In for the Climate Action and Adaptation Plan
Posted on 11/01/2022
Child drawing pictures of trees and recycling symbols on brown paperThe City of Pinole is developing its first ever Climate Action and Adaptation Plan (CAAP). The CAAP will be a "greenprint" for a more equitable, sustainable and resilient Pinole. The CAAP will focus on both climate mitigation to reduce the City’s greenhouse gas emissions and climate adaptation to protect and prepare the City against extreme climate events. The plan will also ensure that disadvantaged communities, which are disproportionately affected by climate change, are equipped with the necessary resources.

City staff distributed surveys to the public to learn which measures of a CAAP would be supported by the community. The survey questions were categorized into four significant CAAP sectors: Energy, Transportation, Waste, and Water.

City staff offered various opportunities for community engagement to gather additional public input on the developing CAAP. The City popped up at community and City-sponsored events, the Farmer’s Market, and held a public workshop.

The City collected a total of 173 survey responses.

Results were analyzed and key findings revealed which measures of a CAAP were important to Pinole residents.

Pinole residents reported that they liked the benefits of having cleaner air and water, improved disaster preparedness, safety, and resilience, improved public and active transportation facilities, and enhanced ecological conservation as part of a Climate Action and Adaptation Plan.

Energy efficiency and generation, water use and management, and transportation are topics that Pinole residents are most interested in providing input.

Within the Energy sector, key findings revealed that 80% of survey takers have considered energy upgrades and cost is the largest barrier.

The City found that the majority of residents want programs that connects community members with financial resources to help transition to renewable energy.

Within the Transportation sector, key findings revealed that 84% of survey takers are open to purchasing electric vehicles if charging and cost concerns were addressed. The City also found that 77% of survey takes would use public transportation if travel time was addressed.

Residents ranked the need for safe sidewalks and bike lanes highly as a way to help transition to active transportation.

Key findings in the Waste sector showed that there is a strong desire for increased education and awareness around recycling and composting including expanded resources and programs.

95% of survey takers are open to learning about reducing, reusing, and recycling, and 75% already compost and/or collect organics.

Within the Water sector, City staff found that most Pinole residents somewhat actively conserve water, and 92% of survey takers are open to actively conserving water.

Residents also reported that saving money and ensuring water for the next generation are the biggest drivers of water conservation.

CAAP measures are being drafted to consider the public’s feedback. A public workshop to review these measures will be scheduled in Summer 2023.

Climate Action and Adaptation Plan (CAAP)
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