Pinole's Message from the Fire Chief

Message from the Fire Chief

Message From Fire Chief Scott Kouns 

Thank you for visiting the Pinole Fire Department (PFD) website.  As a 30-year veteran of the Fire Service, it is an honor to lead such an esteemed fire department and an extraordinary community of over 19,000 residents, its business owners and visitors.  Established in 1903 and celebrating our 116th year in 2019, the Pinole Fire Department is one of the unique fire departments in the United States.

Our Mission:
  To provide safety and welfare to the public through preservation of life, property, and the environment

Our Core Values:  Duty, Respect, and Integrity

Today, the Department has 10 Firefighters working at Station 73 on 3 different shifts, A, B & C.  This results in a minimum of 3 firefighters on-duty each day in the city. We have one Battalion Chief at Station 74 on the B shift. Including the Fire Chief and Battalion Chief, we are authorized to have 14 total sworn firefighting positions. We are in the process of hiring 2 Firefighter-Paramedics. Two civilian positions bring the total staff of PFD to 16 employees. The two civilian positions are a Fire Prevention Inspector and Management Analyst. The staff of the Pinole Fire Department takes great pride in delivering a wide variety of services to residents and visitors of Pinole.

Currently, services are delivered through three Divisions within the Pinole Fire Department:

  1. Administrative Services provide for overall Department management, to include: budgeting; short, mid and long-term planning; public and inter-agency relations; policy development; citywide emergency management; support services; and infrastructure management. Additionally, the information services, technical service needs, and fire shop oversight fall within the purview of this division.
  2. Emergency Operations: Emergency Response in Firefighting, EMS, Hazardous Materials, and Rescue. In 2017, our Department responded to more than 2500 calls for service. The majority of these calls were emergency incidents, with 66 of them being fires, resulting in a total of over $3 million in fire loss.  All firefighting equipment and personal protective equipment oversight are managed from this division. 
  3. Fire Prevention Division provides fire code enforcement, inspection services, issues fire permits, fire plan checks, and assists with weed abatement and educational outreach programs.

The Pinole Fire Department Administration and Station 73 share the Public Safety Building with the Police Department.  Tours of the facility are given by appointment.

The priority of the Pinole Fire Department is to keep Pinole residents and visitors safe; but we don't just respond to calls in Pinole.  When needed, we respond to calls in the surrounding cities of Hercules, Rodeo, San Pablo, Richmond, El Sobrante, Crockett, Briones Park, and occasionally other areas of the county, and these agencies come into Pinole as well. Pinole is part of a Battalion 7 Agreement, which combines Rodeo-Hercules Fire District, San Pablo and El Sobrante under Contra Costa Fire Protection District, and City of Pinole Fire Department into one Battalion to cover command and control functions.

Emergency: Call 911

Fax: 510-724-8972